About me, Lynsey McDonald

So why did I develop sculpt?

  • I suffer from hypermobility syndrome which means my joints move past the normal range of movement. This causes pain, a risk of injury and fatigue as my muscles have to work extra hard to stabilise my joints. The Sculpt exercises I developed are non impact, thus placing no stress on the joints and are designed to build lean muscles around the joints, helping the body to stabilise. Since developing and practicing Sculpt every day, I no longer experience pain in my joints, my back is stronger and my posture has improved beyond comparison. I want other people who may have similar problems with their joints etc to benefit as much as l have from my Sculpt exercises. That's my mission!
  • I also wanted to create an exercise discipline that both compliments and adds benefit to other forms of exercise. So if you are a runner it will help build strength in your core, glutes and will stretch out your hamstrings - enhancing your running pattern. If you’re a ballet dancer, Sculpt will strengthen and stretch the deep lateral rotator muscles under your bottom giving you a better turn out. A skier will greatly benefit from Sculpt’s intense quad and core exercises, giving you more stability and strength on the slopes.
  • Finally, I wanted to create an exercise discipline that was totally different from anything else around. Sculpt is just that - different. The Sculpt formula gives a full body workout that is as amazing as it is intense. I challenge anyone to find a class that makes your body feel as worked and stretched as Sculpt does.

One of my main philosophies is that I believe sculpt as with all exercise should be fun. The class is not easy but I strive to make sure there is very relaxed and positive feel - where everyone, no matter their level, feels welcome. This, I believe is the key to empowering people to achieve and progress.

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